Projected Balance Sheet

Anyone that runs a business knows that running a business takes a lot of work. It’s vital that business owners and managers are careful and meticulous with their paperwork. Downloading a projected balance sheet is a great way to make sure you can keep track of your business balance and plan the balance for the next period. It’s a great way to track your balance in the past, and to track your projected balance.

Downloading the projected balance sheet template will make your business life easier, and using it couldn’t be easier. You can download it to use in your Microsoft Excel and the template is fully customizable for all your business needs. The download is free and easy to use in Microsoft Excel. The projected balance sheet example includes everything that any business owner will need for projected balances. Firstly, the business owner will be able to record their current balance under the heading assets, as well as their projected balance under assets.

Some of the things included in this section are: cash in bank, inventory, and accounts receivable. The next section included in the projected balance sheet template is liability and equity. This enables the business owner to track their balance under the subheadings current liabilities and then long term debt. The final section included in the projected balance sheet example is assets and liabilities. This includes owner’s equity, retained earnings, and invested capital. The projected balance sheet has every heading that any business owner or manager could need to help them run their business more smoothly.

Tips for Using the Projected Balance Sheet Template:

  • It’s important to have all your receipts and business documents available and organized before using the template.
  • Keep all your documents organized according to section to enable you to enter it into the template more easily.
  • Make use of the ability of Microsoft Excel to add and subtract figures for you
  • Make sure to use the ability to customize the template to the best of your ability. Remove any headings that are not relevant to your business and add any extra ones that are.

Download the Projected Balance Sheet Template from Microsoft Office:  Projected Balance Sheet

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