Pros and Cons Chart

Free Pros and Cons Chart

A well designed chart providing pros and cons for ideas can be a great addition to any business. It can help parse through ideas that may or may not be an effective addition to the company as a whole. You can download an easy to use template for a pros and cons chart that can be quickly implemented by any office personnel. There will be a few issues to note about using these charts, but the template itself is fairly straightforward.

Basics of the Pros and Cons Chart

When you download the chart template and take a look at it, you’ll note that it conveniently has already divided the page into two halves. The pros and cons chart has already been largely labeled for you. This takes a bit of work off your hands, so you can get this template out in a hurry if you have a meeting coming up. The template is customizable and easy to use, so there will be little necessary to do on your part.

You may decide to leave these spaces blank for use in a meeting. This can help brainstorm ideas about the veracity of an idea you all have been toying with recently. Leaving the boxes blank may also help facilitate a free flowing discussion with your group. This may be a great way to utilize this pros and cons chart, which your colleagues will certainly notice.

Implementing the Pros and Cons Chart

There are many other ways that you can revamp the template to make use of the pros and cons chart. You might opt to fill in the spaces yourself before a meeting to get the discussion started. Here is an example of a possible pros and cons chart.


  • Profits generated by the idea
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased networking for business


  • Many cost customers for the business
  • Increased overhead losses
  • Reduced return on investment

No matter what you settle on putting in to this template, just make sure that it is well thought out. Since this is coming from you, it will be inevitable that your superiors may use it to evaluate your performance. That being said, try to keep in mind that this is a useful tool for any business. Just make sure that you use this tool to elevate the conversation at meetings to new level.

Download: Pros and Cons Chart

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