Punch Card Template

A simple way to encourage repeat business for your establishment is to give out the 10 for 1 punch cards. These cards encourage customers to come again and after their 10th purchase they can get a free one. They are fun to give out, and customers love them – especially at places they like to visit often.

This works well for pizza shops, coffee shops, nail salons, and many other types of business places. To create your own professional cards that reflect your business, simply download the easy-to-use punch card template that is available on this page for free. Compatible with Microsoft Word 2013.

How to Use the Punch Card Template

  • Download the punch card template to your computer, and save it to a folder of your choice or directly to the desktop.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, locate it and open it so you can start editing it to your liking.
  • Change the default text to match your own company information. The template has ten cards that can be printed out. Sizes of each card will be standard business card size.
  • For best looking results use with compatible Avery cardstock 5371, 5911, 8371, 8471, 8859, 28371, 28877, and 28878. Their products work great, and are easy to use along with the template.

Tips for using the Punch Card Template

  • The punch card template is a Word file and you can easily change the font type, and the font color to match your business logo. You can also change the default image, and the text box background colors.
  • The punch cards can work for any promotion you want to encourage repeat business, whether it is a cup of coffee or a whole meal. You can even offer the freebie to the customer, and their guest. This can be quite promising too.

Start encouraging your customers to come again by offering the 10 for 1 promotion. Used by many other establishments, they have been proven to work well along with excellent customer service. With the punch card template you can create as many as you want for other great offers you’d like to promote. Download it today for free.

Download: Punch Card Template

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