Receipt Return Policy Record

Returning certain gifts or items can be a real nightmare depending on the store you’re dealing with. They can have restriction depending on the item and usually come with a preset return date that if you go over, you might not get your money back. The Receipt Return Policy Record is the perfect tool to help you organize the return policies and dates of multiple stores and make sure you’re never stuck with something you don’t want or need this holiday season.

Receipt Return Policy Record Description

To make sure you’re never without the receipt or information you need to make your return, this template provides you with the proper tools to give the employee and make sure your return is timely as well. You will be guided through, column by column, the section you need to enter information, such as the store location and the receipt number in order to keep track of all your return information. Not only does the template provide you with a running list of popular stores, but you can also use the document to send yourself or other reminders about the store’s return policies in case they need to return their gifts.

Using the Receipt Return Policy Record

Start by creating a running list of all the stores you shop at in the “Lists” tab. The template provides you with numerous examples and you can easily manipulate the drop-down menus in other tabs.

Next, go to the “Receipt List” tab and enter the information for each of the highlighted column sections given above. There are a few examples provided for you so you know exactly what to enter, such as the receipt number, amount, and the date you purchased the item. Just make your way through the list until you have filled out everything.

If you need to send someone the details of the purchase so they can return a gift, you will go to the “Email” tab to compose your message, and then find the purchase in the “Receipt list” tab. Just enter that person’s email in column “J” and press the “send email” button in the final column of that tab to send them the information they need.

That’s all there is to this template! You can have everything you need to properly track return information by downloading this free template today.

Download: Receipt – Return Policy Record List

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