Recipe Card Template for Word

Recipe Card Templates

Acquiring and keeping a book of recipes is not only one of the most common ways to concoct (and continue to concoct) delicious dishes, but it’s a way to transcend era and sustain lasting memories. From the moment we’re able to start eating solid food, we begin to associate certain dishes with tradition and memory. Maybe your mother conjured up a savory stew you’re not likely to forget, or possibly it was your father’s steak skewers that left a lasting impression. But no matter where the recipe was extracted from, holding onto these treasured cooking directions is incredibly important.Recipe Card Templates

However, recipes have a knack for getting consumed in our kitchen cupboards and pantry shelves. From newspaper clippings to cookbook cuttings, our recipe cookbooks can resemble a pile of shoe box love letters in disarray if we’re not careful. And if they’re not contained in clippings, you’ll most certainly find yourself flipping through several dense, rusty cookbooks scouring for tiny snippets in mounds of text.

With the Recipe Card Template made specially for Microsoft Word from, acquiring – and keeping – treasured and delicious recipes becomes much, much easier.

Benefits to Using the Recipe Card Template for Microsoft Word

Although obtaining a list of recipes tends to be somewhat self-explanatory, the main benefit behind downloading the Recipe Card Template for Word lies in uniformity.

  • The Recipe Card Template is capable of being duplicated numerous times to account for all your favorite traditional dishes. The Recipe Card Template comes with a pre-made template and color scheme, allowing for some uniformity when organizing your multiple recipes.
  • The Recipe Card Template is absolutely FREE. Whereas many cookbooks you rummage through at bookstores will run you a hefty amount of cash, the Recipe Card Template is FREE for all users. Just scour the internet or extract old family recipes and plug them into the template.
  • Your recipes will be more easily shared among friends, family and loved ones. Instead of sorting through messy, scattered cookbooks and recipe clippings, simply offer your Recipe Card Templates to a friend for reference.
  • The template provides a perfect vehicle for D.I.Y. chefs. Consider using the Recipe Card Template for Microsoft Word to start an organized, uniform D.I.Y. cookbook.

Download: Recipe Card Template

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