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Recipe Template from Microsoft

The Microsoft recipe template is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get better organized. The recipe template combines the traditional way of noting recipes with a digital form of storage. The recipe template from Microsoft is available as a free download on this page. Click on the link to begin using the Microsoft template right away today!

Tips for Using the Recipe Template from Microsoft

You don’t need to have advanced computer skills to utilize the Microsoft recipe tracker. After downloading, the recipe template will open in Microsoft Excel. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel or Microsoft office will have no problem navigating the template.

And what’s more, the first page of the template serves as a handy instructional guide. The page explains how to use the tracker, how to add your own recipes, how to enter data and what to do after your recipes have been added. In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to use the Microsoft recipe template, helpful links are included in the instruction page that can be accessed with a simple click.

The second page of the template is where you will add the names, categories and tags of your recipes. You can also include notes or special comments with the corresponding recipe. Once a recipe has been added to the contents section, a new tab will appear at the bottom with the title of the recipe. After clicking on the tab, you can begin to add your ingredients.

In addition, you can add cooking directions, the amount of prep time and cook time, as well as a nutrition report card. This card can list the number of calories, grams of fat, milligrams of sodium and cholesterol, and the number of carbs.

Finally, you can add a picture of what the finished product will be.

The Microsoft Recipe Template is Free Here!

Storing dozens or even hundreds of recipe cards can lead to a cluttered mess, and that’s the last thing you want to have in the kitchen. Log your recipes quickly and efficiently with the recipe template from Microsoft. Download and save the Microsoft recipe template for free from today!

Download: Recipe Template

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