Recruiting ROI Checklist

In order for companies to understand the payback they receive during the recruiting process, they need to understand all facets of what it takes to recruit, thus creating a Return on Investment (ROI) profile to assist them in making the correct decisions going forward in their recruiting efforts. The Recruiting ROI Checklist will help you understand this important information, as well as assist your company in understanding whether or not your efforts were worthwhile. Many companies need a tool that will give this information cheaply and collectively. Our checklist is available for download right here. It is easy to use and it is free.

How to Use the Word Recruiting ROI Checklist

  • First, customize the Recruiting ROI Checklist and type your company name into the cell in the upper left.
  • Second, add the company logo in the space provided. Also consider adding contact information for access to any phone numbers for questions.
  • Third, answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible utilizing your current HR information, Accounting department information, and Marketing information. Be sure to save this file as often as needed to ensure that your information is current.
  • Fourth, while some information may be unavailable or not enough to make an impact on your Return on Investment and thus, will not be a factor in your decisions, try to answer all the questions as completely as possible. Skip those questions that do not apply to your situation or are not enough of an impact to warrant your checklist.

Tips for Using the Word Recruiting ROI Checklist

  • This report is an internal document. The Recruiting ROI Checklist cannot be used when sharing information with anyone outside your company. It contains information that is proprietary when it is completed.
  • It would be a good idea to review this checklist periodically to make sure the return on investment is still timely and accurate for your business. Recruiting the right individuals at a cost effective, pertinent, timely pace is important to your business model and its success.
  • Don’t forget that while most of your information will be coming from your HR department, the Accounting and Marketing departments will probably have some say in answering the questions, also. Include as much information from all departments as possible in order to have a clear picture of your return on investment.

Download: Recruiting ROI Checklist

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