Registered Nurse Resume

The nursing profession is a challenging and rewarding field that appeals to many people across the United States and globally. We are pleased to announce that we are offering a template for a Registered Nurse Resume for you to use in order to help you find a job as a nurse. This template can help you get your first nursing resume established and help you find a nursing job. This resume would also be useful for nursing school students as well.

How to Use the Registered Nurse Resume Template

The registered nurse resume template is free to use and is fully customizable. This easy to use template is able to be downloaded from this link here. For those who do not have much experience with the nursing profession, this resume template will also serve to educate them on the details that are needed for an effective nurse position resume.

For example, consider the headings that the Registered Nurse Resume lists for you. The first heading is of course the area where you identify yourself with your name, address, phone number and email address. The second area on this template is a professional summary that lists all of the skills that you have acquired throughout the years.

The next section is entitled “credentials” and for a nursing resume this always includes your scores on the state boards and your licensure from the state you received it from. Finally, there are sections in this template for experience, education, affiliations, and any community service that the job candidate may have performed as well.

Tips for Using the Registered Nurse Resume Template

This template is a good start for anyone who wishes to have an effective registered nurse resume. In the “professional summary” the applicant should make sure that they list all relevant experiences they have had that would be useful in the requested position. List all experiences with medical disorders such as HIV, STD’s, cancer and other conditions as well. In the experience section, the applicant should ensure that they lists all dates of the positions they have held in bold in year-to-year format starting with the most recent first. This resume will help all applicants to sharpen their skills in this important area.

Download: Registered Nurse Resume Template

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