Regression Demo Template

In Multiple Linear Regression, there is no name more trusted than Beer. Not just a tasty beverage, Beer’s law, through the use of this template, will help you simulate the UV multi-component absorption spectroscopy of any mixture that consists of 2 or even 3 absorbing components with a known absorption spectra. Instead of an endless series of trial and error, this full digitized simulator will allow you to see your results instantly and calculate the observed absorption spectrum through, you guessed it, the use of classical least squares! You can give this template a try by following the link at the bottom of the page and reading along with the description below.

Regression Demo Template Guide

Now that you have your new template we can dive right in. You have 4 main tables in which to enter and receive data and a graph that displays your simulation off to the right. The first table will allow you to enter your simulated mixtures, along with 5 components. You may also enter a variable of noise interference to calculate some margin of error right off the bat.

In the blue table below, the template will then display your calculated concentrations for the items you entered above. The graph will also display your data and separate the components of your mixture by color.

Now, if you look at the main table below, you will see that your spectra have been calculated using the classical-least squares function. You can also see a breakdown of this procedure in row 123 at the bottom of the document.

With this template, you can see how easy it is to see hours and hours of research and results with the click of a button using this simulator. The main graph of the template will display your results of your pure components normalized to 1.

There is also another table to the far right that displays alternative calculation’s using Excel’s LINEST function as well.
Give this template a try to make your school work much easier!

Download: Regression Demo Template

Thanks to T. O’Haver for his contribution

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