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Free Relationship Diagram

A relationship diagram is an excellent way to compare different divisions of a company or operation and figure out how to make procedures more efficient. Creating a relationship diagram is as much a thought exercise as it is a Venn diagram to share at meetings and presentations. You can download a relationship diagram template on this page.

The way it cinches in lost profit and inefficiency is by finding out where project or company functions overlap with other divisions. This allows for two intelligent reactions. An individual can downsize areas where a company or project function can be covered by a smaller resource pool, or they can expand an area that is being overtaxed as two or more divisions can draw from the increased resource pool provided to that function.

Used and greatly appreciated by everyone from CEOs, sports coaches, marketers, and strategists, relationship diagrams can be applied a number of different ways. Here are some tips to make the most of one.

Tips for Using Venn Relationship Diagrams

First determine key areas of the company or project by duty, and then representing them appropriately in the relationship diagram. All of these divisions should function for the most part on their own separately, but might share employees for functions. Next, look to where these duties are shared to fill in the side spaces. An example of a shared duty would be webmasters and content writers working on article creation, or doctors and nurses working together on a surgery.

At the center are functions that are shared ubiquitously throughout the company or operation. An example would be booking appointments at a therapists office, even though clerical duties are separate from most other duties like janitorial, they would have a lot of center duties because they control the coming and goings of people and their schedules.

You can get relationship diagram for free right now, and it is 100% customizable to accommodate any number of core functions or divisions being represented.

Download: Relationship Diagram

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