Relatives Contact List

Whether you want your kids to have a safety net while you’re away or you need to keep track of your family contact information for the holidays; the Relatives Contact List an easy way for you to keep all that information together. The free template allows you to store phone numbers and addresses quickly on one page. This template is also completely customizable, making it easier for you to add you own family flair and fun to the sheet. If you don’t want to waste counter space with your old Rolodex and need a convenient way to keep your loved ones in touch, then the Contact List is just the tool for you.

Using the Relatives Contact List

After downloading the free template to your computer, open the file to begin entering your relative contact information.

It’s best to follow along with an example. You need to list Aunt Betty in your new Contact List to send her a Christmas gift later on in the year.

At the top of the page in the “Name” section, enter “Aunt Betty” to the right. You can add new information simply by clicking on a cell and writing something with your keyboard. You can probably guess how the next steps will go.

You will scroll down the section and list the address, various cell, home, and work numbers, as well as email and children’s phone numbers. With all this information available to you, there’s no way you won’t be able to get ahold of them during an emergency.

When Christmas rolls around, instead of ruining the surprise, you can just look up Aunt Betty’s information and send her your lovely gift. This template works for any and all occasions and is just what you or your children need should an emergency arise.

Download: Relatives Contact List

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