Rental Receipt Template

There is no denying it. Rental receipts can be confusing. There are so many different formats and content on your rental receipt, you may wonder how you are ever going to simplify it and make it look clear enough to read. Here is a bit of good news if you are having a hard time comprehending the conventional rental receipts. Despite what regular users of paper receipts would think, this rental receipt template doesn’t have to cost a penny. It can be downloaded for free right here!

Downloading the Rental Receipt Template

One of the basic steps to using the rental receipt template is to download it from this page. It is absolutely free with no obligations, and can be accessed instantly with a click of a button. Once the program is obtained from the location it is stored, you can start using it immediately.

Using the Rental Receipt Template

The trick to make the rental receipt template more useful is to figure out what elements need to go on the receipt, and what you don’t need before you hand it over to the tenant. For example, the rental receipt template from this location contains entries like ‘paid by’, ‘description’, ‘amount’, ‘tax’ and ‘total’. And the best part is, the template contains receipts that are numbered sequentially. By right clicking the first receipt number and following the instructions, you can change the starting number. Similarly, if you want to change the entire numbers of the receipts on the template, press CTRL+A (Select All) and then press F9 to update.

If you are a rental management company or an individual with rental properties, you are going to receive an extraordinary number of benefits by using this simple rental receipt template. Even casual entries or entries made in a hurry can be stored in your system and accessed at a later date to make further changes. For other formal entries, there is a method in its own term. After you enter the details of a transaction, simply printout the receipt to give it to the tenant or just store the file in your system for future use.

Download: Rental Receipt Template

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