Using Your Online Business Resources – (Creating Your Business Plan)-Part IV

Online Business Resources for Your Small Business – Part IV

There are many online resources available to assist small businesses.  Some are well known while others may take some research to find.  Online resources give you 24/7 access to help as you prepare to launch your business while refining your business plan.

Small Business Development Centers –

Your local Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) offers free one on one confidential  consultations from successful business people in your community.  They also hold classes (free and some have minor cost associated) and workshops to give business owners more hands on assistance with different business concepts.The mentors are actual business owners with successful business and valuable experiences to share to new small business owners.

Information on Financial Assistance

This site contains financial assistance information for small businesses.  It lists the eligibility requirements for different types of loans, bonds, and grants that are available for new and existing small businesses. helps small business understand the legal requirements of their business and locate government resources to support their business. helps business owners find suppliers and manufacturers for the products they plan to sell. also lists the online catalogs of products, services, and brands from these suppliers and manufacturers.

Irs.Gov (Business Section)

The IRS site has a small business and self-employed section that gives information on:

  • Forms and Publications
  • Information on getting your EIN
  • Taxes (of course)
  • Small Business Events
  • Links to state government websites

These online resources are just the start of your online journey as you create your business plan.  Use Google to find local resources in your community for:

  • Technology Business Incubator Centers
  • City & State Tax Receipts (when applicable)
  • Business Name Registration
  • Small Business Operating Issues

This website contains tons of other business owners who meet to discuss what they have learned about starting a business and how they overcome challenges as they developed their business.  There are business meet-ups in every state and you can search on their site to find the ones in your business industry.

Find the meetup that is related to your business and niche.You may be surprised at the wealth of knowledge they have to share.It may take a few meetings to find the meetup that fits your needs so look until you find one that fits you like a glove!

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