Retail Sales Record

Sales are one of the core elements of any retail store. That’s why it’s so vital for a company to stay on top of their sales records. Having accurate data from past sales is a great way to analyze trends for the future. The Retail Sales Record is a template to allow you to enter all that information so you can do just that next year. This free document is extremely organized and efficient. You will be able to quickly enter all the data for your sales and store them in a safe, simple, electronic file. You can keep compiling this information over the years, making your trend analysis more and more accurate. Download the free template be reading the instructions below.

Using the Retail Sales Record

Just click the link provided at the bottom of this page to download the template directly to your computer.

Next, you will begin customizing this document in the “Stock” tab below. This tab just makes it easier for you to enter individual products so you can pull them up in the drop-down menus in the other tabs.

Next, go to the “Daily Sales” tab and enter all the information required from the header above. Depending on your store’s organizational system, you can enter a SKU, Transaction, or product number to indicate the item you want to track.

You will also include information such as the sales price, tax, and sales tax, to give your report accurate readings.

The “Retail Sales Report” tab is where you can see a comprehensive overview of all the information you entered for each product down the list and watch as the template keeps track of the totals for you. This way, you can always store the sales information for any product forever in an electronic file.

The free Retail Sales Record is just an amazing tool for organizing your products and their information in the most efficient way possible.

Download: Retail Sales Record

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