Retail Sales Record

The Retail Sales Record is the perfect tool for business to transform they organize inventory. This free template sheet gives you a way to a detailed overview of your sales records on one free sheet. Every business owner needs to keep a report like this handy. It provides you with a reliable account of your sales figures through any number of years. The real question comes down to what your record sheet is doing for you. This template not only lets you store your information safely in a reusable format, but you can also make changes and edits along the way. It’s as simple as clicking a button. Download the free template today to get started.

How to Use the Retail Sales Record

The first step to getting your template is actually downloading the file to your computer. You can accomplish this by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.
The template comes with three navigational buttons at the top of the page. These will take you through the three main pages of the template.

Start your journey in the “Stock” tab. You can probably tell by the name that you will be entering your list of stock item in this table. You may also include an identifier, such as a serial number or SKU in the first column of this table.

Next, go to the “Daily Sales” tab to enter the specific sales figures for each of the items you’ve entered. You can use the drop-down menus to quickly enter your items into the template.
Go through this table and enter all the required information for your products in each of the columns listed. If you look at the bottom of this table, you’ll also notice the template has calculated the totals for you.

Finally, the “Retail Sales Report” provides you with a comprehensive overview of all this information and the drop-down menus at the top will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in the list.

You can finally have the perfect organizational tool for your sales figures by downloading the free Retail Sales Record today.

Download: Retail Sales Record

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