Retirement Planning Checklist

Free Pre Retirement Checklist

Financial advisers need to help their clients plan for their retirement. It is essential that people have a clearly laid out plan for the time between retirement and death. The Retirement Planning Checklist can help financial advisers plan this for their clients. It is easy to use, completely customizable, and free to download.

How to Use the Retirement Planning Checklist

  1. Download the Retirement Planning Checklist for free to get started. It’s easy to do.
  2. Go over the questions carefully and remove any that don’t apply to your particular needs. Then add any questions that you come up with that you might need. This will make sure that you are being as thorough as possible.
  3. Save a copy of your customized template for use with later clients. You will likely use it over and over again.
  4. Go over the checklist with your client. Explain anything that the client may not understand. It is crucial that their responses to the questions are as accurate as possible.
  5. Complete the retirement plan using the checklist. Make sure that the Client understands the plan. This will make their later years go by with ease and comfort.

Tips for Using the Retirement Planning Checklist

  • Make sure that the checklist is filled out completely. Missing anything could potentially cause the client problems later on in life.
  • Make sure that the information on the checklist is accurate. Inaccurate answers can be as dangerous as missing answers or possibly even worse.
  • Make sure that the client completely understands the questions on the checklist. This will help ensure that the responses are accurate.
  • Always make sure that the client completely understands the finished retirement plan. That way they can enjoy their retirement comfortably.
  • Remember to save a copy of the Retirement Planning Checklist template so that it can be used with other clients. Every client needs to plan for their retirement.

Download a copy of the Retirement Planning Checklist right now to get started. It’s easy to use and completely free right here on this page. Every financial planner should have one for their clients.

Download: Retirement Planning Checklist

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