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FREE ROI Analysis Template

Return on investment, or ROI, is the chief concern for any business. Whether it’s building a new financial headquarters, offering a new product or even investing in a completely different company, ROI is the bottom line for all financial decisions made. Also, the more complex the situation is the harder it can be to track all of the different factors that impact the return on investment. That is why a smart company will invest in an ROI analysis spreadsheet to make smart ROI analysis decisions on a project by project basis.

What an ROI Analysis Template Does

When conducting an ROI analysis, a business has to collect every possible piece of information. It will need to know what it’s paying, what it can expect to receive in return, what the upkeep on the investment is, any fees it will have to pay, and a dozen other little details. Once the business has all of this information, it has to organize it in some way. That is where the ROI analysis spreadsheet comes in.

This spreadsheet, which acts as a ROI analysis template, is a worksheet for individuals to plug in all of their facts and figures. It is free to download and it can be easily tinkered with in Microsoft Excel until it looks and acts how a business wants it to. It’s also extremely simple to use, as long as someone follows the basic instructions and keeps a few tips in mind. Things like:

  • The template always does what it’s told, even if that isn’t what someone wants. Always check the steps taken and the user input when looking for problems.
  • Save often, especially before making drastic changes. If something goes wrong, it’s easier to wipe the slate and go back to the original file.
  • Fill out each section in its entirety. Costs, gains, fees, and all other pieces of the puzzle. Moving section by section ensures that individuals are less likely to overlook a given set of numbers or facts in the construction of the spreadsheet.
  • Always have someone else check the facts and figures. Fresh eyes often find problems where the creator might miss them.

Benefits of the ROI Analysis Template

When one sits down to use this template, it smooths everything out. All users have to do is plug in the data and hit the calculate button to see the results.

Download the ROI Analysis Template from Microsoft Office here: ROI Analysis Template

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