Sales Call Checklist

No matter what a person sells and no matter the industry, preparation is instrumental to ensuring a successful call and the close of a sale. Use of a Sales Call Checklist enables easy completion and insurance of tasks during a sales call. They also allow the seller to focus on the customer and presentation instead of fumbling for details. One exceptional downloadable and ready-to-use template can be found here.

How to Use the Sales Call Checklist

  1. Simply download and save the easy to use, free template.
  2. Fill in the template with desired fields and information.
  3. Save, print and bring the completed Sales Call Checklist to the appointment for a smooth, easy presentation and ensuing close of the sale.

Tips for Using the Sales Call Checklist Template

  1. Research any relevant information pertaining to what’s already known about customer and organization, what information that may need to be uncovered from the potential client (such as appropriate questions to ask in to gain valuable insight), and possible action items and steps to move along the sales process from inception to completion.
  2. Based upon this prior research along with a defined, desired outcome, begin to develop a specific Sales Call Checklist in preparation for the particular client and upcoming meeting. This may include relevant information and data to remember during the call or even a simple self-reminder to thank them for their time upon closing.
  3. Customize the downloaded template with the developed Sales Call Checklist to fit these needs accordingly. Seasoned sales professionals will often leave space for notes to be recorded for later assessment of the sales call that include action items, important dates, agreed upon pricing and quantities, or any other terms that will finalize the transaction and leave all involved parties satisfied.
  4. Be certain upon completion of the sales call to make a backup of the filled out form. This should be an integrated “best practice” and habit for all sales professionals upon obtaining important documents containing critical information and details. These may very well be needed or requested at a later date, whether updating a customer database or in making it available for other users.

Remember, preparation is critical in making the sale. Make this a simple, hassle-free step by using this free, simple, customizable template as a Sales Call Checklist for successful closing.

Download: Sales Call Checklist

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