Sales Team Member Checklist

Finding and keeping good help these days it not an easy feat. Sales people come and go, and tracking the successful ones can be difficult. Periodically, companies give evaluations to their employees to let them know how they are doing. It can be hard to find a good sheet to track all this data, but the sales team member checklist makes tracking an employee’s progress easy. This easy to download Excel spreadsheet is easy to use and customize.

Customization allows the business to use terms and columns specifically designed for their company’s needs. This is no cookie cutter spreadsheet. The Excel template allows companies to generate the records essential to tracking a sales person’s knowledge, skills and overall sales records.

How to Use the Sales Team Member Checklist

  • First, simply customize the chart so that all the company data is correct and then save. To make it look even better, add the company logo and all the information that would be on top of a letterhead, like address, phone number, and email.
  • Second, set up employees names in the appropriate fields. There are some fields necessary like, knowledge, sales skills, monthly totals and anything else pertinent.
  • Third, make sure the entire document first your needs. The rating system and comments areas dictate that this is a template used for reviews. Make sure the whole document fits the systems already in place at the company.

Tips for Using the Sales Team Member Checklist Excel Document

  • First, this document is going to give employees a very close and personal view of how the company views their performance. It is also nice to put comments that can go in the appropriate fields. Things like “We appreciate you on our team,” and other various statements go a long way at showing appreciation.
  • Second, make sure that these are kept in an employee file. The data entered here can be used for future promotions or discipline. If a person is doing well, this may be cause for a raise and perhaps there should be a field added for this. However, if a person is being put on alert, there may be a necessary section for this too.
  • Third, make sure to print out a copy for the employee, but also save it to the electronic file. Should an employee need to be fired, these can count as documentation where problems were addressed. They can legally be very valuable.

All companies should give evaluations to their employees. By using the sales team member checklist Excel Document, the entire process can be simplified. Best of all, it can be downloaded for free right here.

Download: Sales Team Member Checklist

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