Santa Letter Template

Free Santa Letter Template

Few times during the course of a year are more special to children than Christmas. Children become captivated with excitement and anticipation of what Santa will leave under the tree this year. Many kids love sending the jolly old man a personalized message, and you can help them do so with the Santa letter template.

With the Santa letter template, you and your child can share in a fun activity that you will both enjoy. The letter to Santa template will also help you save money for gifts and the time to shop for them because you can download it instantly absolutely free. Simply click on the link available on this page to get started.

Using the Microsoft Santa Letter Template

The Santa letter template is a one-page Microsoft Word document. After you download the letter to Santa template, save the document to your computer. The template never expires and can be used for many holidays to come.

The Santa letter template comes loaded with a bold font and festive clip art. However, you can change any portion of the document to better meet the needs of your child. The letter to Santa template is 100% customizable and is completely user-friendly.

The first step in filling out the Santa letter template is to add the date. You will notice the titles Santa Claus and the North Pole have already been added to the document. Next, it’s time to move on to the body of the letter to Santa template.

While the body comes loaded with a special message Santa, you can easily erase it and allow your child to input a custom message by highlighting it and hitting delete. Next, your child can add their personal Christmas wish list in the special bullet points. Finally, have your child add their name to the letter to Santa template before printing it off and mailing it to the North Pole.

Help your child create some Christmas magic with the Santa letter template. Download and print the Microsoft Santa letter template for free today!

Download: Santa Letter Template

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