School Bus Seating Chart

Most school districts require up-to-date rosters and records of the group of schoolchildren riding on any given school bus. Not only does a school bus seating chart provides a useful resource for the bus driver in learning the names and faces of those children he or she is entrusted to transport, but it also provides a way for districts to plan routes and understand student’s transportation habits and needs.

Bus Models Are Standardized And So Should Be The School Bus Seating Charts

This is an excellent and professionally designed school bus seating chart which is used universally by veteran bus drivers and school administrators to keep records of student busing populations and attendance. This particular template is downloadable for free for printing reproduction and introduction into any scholastic environment. The chart is easy to customize for any amount of riders or size of bus.

Simply fill in the fields with the names and information requested and it will be automatically placed into the seating arrangement of the template. If as a driver or administrator prefer seating arrangements differing from bus manufacturing standards, the template will allow you to set up a chart with details like per seat occupancy, drop-off and pick-up addresses of each seat occupant and ETA route specifics.

Microsoft has taken great care in making this school bus seating chart as navigable, customizable and compatible as possible with programs like Word. The most efficient way to record information is to download the simple template and have a written seating chart pre-planned. Enter each rider’s name, address, phone number or grade/teacher in each field as you would with a text box found in any other Microsoft program. Look for the tiny “boxes” to expand and contract the seat fields as you need.

Adjusting font sizes will allow you to place more names and information on each seat. Employ the general field school bus seating chart parameters to initially set up a chart that coincides with the size of bus you are operating and the number of seats that are needed. General graphic rules apply to this school bus seating chart template like any other similar chart where multiple written entries are accepted.

Download: School Bus Seating Chart

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