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Grading is one of the most time-consuming aspects of being a teacher. There are more tasks that could be accomplished with your times, giving students more feedback or working one-on-one with a student that really needs your help. The School Grading Calculator is a free template designed to take the hassle out of the grading process. The School Grading Calculator does all the calculations for you and helps you track the grades of all your students, no matter how many different classes you teach. To learn more about this free template just read the list of instructions below.

School Grading Calculator Description

The free School Grading Calculator has 6 main tables in which to enter grades for you students. If you need more room, simply copy the tab at the bottom of this page for a new document.

Imagine that each table is a student.

To the far right of the template, you can customize your own unique grading scale. Start your journey by entering the qualifications of specific letter grades in this table.

Next, you will enter the individual items of your class, such as tests, quizzes, finals, etc. and the parentage that you student scored on it in the second column of the document. In the 3rd column of the table, you will list the total percentage that is worth to their overall grade.

The template will take all this information and give you the exact amount that it is worth in points for you to enter into the grade book.

You will be left with the student’s overall grade calculated at the bottom of the table, highlighted in green.
You can see how easy it is to provide all your students with quality care and help them focus on the areas they need help on. Save time and energy by downloading the free template today.

Download: School Grading Calculator

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