School Newsletter Templates for MS Word

The School Newsletter Templates

The School Newsletter TemplatesSchool newsletters serve several important purposes. Newsletters can provide specific information to a specific audience. They can also help create a relationship with parents in the in the community. Creating these school newsletters can be a time consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to school newsletter templates.

This school newsletter template for MS Word practically does all the work for you. Once you have input all the necessary information, simply print the documents and they will be ready for distribution. The school newsletter templates featured right here on this site can be downloaded instantly absolutely free of charge.

School Newsletter Templates: The Perfect Newsletter Solution

The school newsletter template for MS Word on this site is broken down into four pages. On the first page, the newsletter creator can note the date, volume and issue number of the letter. The creator can also list the name of the principal and the vice principal. Listed along the right-hand side on the front page are the contents of the newsletter. There is also a space to note any potential upcoming events.

As designed, the first page of the newsletter is reserved for news from the school’s principal. This can feature any important information the principal would like parents in the community to be aware of. There is also a special section on the front page dedicated for a special message to parents. This message conceivably could come from any member of the school’s faculty.

Pages 2-3 are constructed the same way. As designed, the pages have respective sections for elementary grade levels. For example, the first section is reserved for all things kindergarten news. This format repeats itself all the way through sixth grade news. If the learning institution is of a different grade level, simply alter and customize the template as necessary.

The final page of the school newsletter templates has two sections. The first is reserved for information for new students. The second is designed for information for new staff members. Along the right-hand side is a spot for the school’s logo, as well as the school’s name, street address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address. There is also a space for the school’s motto and web address.

Finally, there is a shipping label included on the last page of the template, giving you everything you could possibly need to create a newsletter of the highest class and quality in absolutely no time at all.

Download: School Newsletter Templates

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