Science Fair Template

The Science Fair Template

When you have children, you are always on the go as well as always needing to keep on your toes. It’s wonderful when they ask you for help on projects, but sometimes you may have no clue where to start. The Science Fair Template is one of the best templates you can download to use with your child’s first science fair presentation all the way through high school. It’s a great start as a basic outline and you can add to it as you go.

How to Use the Science Fair Template

This Science Fair Template is so easy to use. You can download this free template here. Once you open it up, you will find how simple it is to customize it in PowerPoint to your specifications.

  • Slide 1 – Here is your opening slide of which you need to input the project title, student’s name, the instructor’s name, school name, and anything else the instructor may have specified.
  • Slide 2 – This is the Statement of the Problem slide. Even though it’s called a statement, it’s a question you are asking regarding the purpose of the experiment.
  • Slide 3 – This is a brief summary of the project.
  • Slides 4 through 11 – You will find that on each slide, there are detailed instructions of what should be provided.

Tips for Using the Science Fair Template

There are many ways to liven up this presentation. You can make it as sophisticated as you want or simplistic for younger viewers.

  • Notice at the bottom of the screen, you may add notes. If your child needs more detailed information, this is where you would put the information. It can also be printed out on the handouts.
  • Your child can get creative with the project. They can take pictures and insert them on new slides. Simply go to the menu bar and select “Insert” and then “New Slide”. Then they can insert the picture by going back to the menu and select “Insert”, “Graphic”, “From File”.
  • If your child has a numerical scientific project, they can input data and create a graph or pie chart. This is done by selecting “Insert” and “Data Chart”.
  • They may also add background music, sounds to each slide, as well as fun animation to the slides.

The Science Fair Template found at is one of many helpful educational tools for your child and yourself.

Download: Science Fair Template

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