Secretary Resume Template

Reading sample resumes is helpful. Having an editable file that you can use as a guide, however, is even better. A guide, or template, saves you time. This is a key reason to use the Secretary Resume Template. Its pre-formatted sections allow you to focus on perfecting your resume’s content.

How to Use the Secretary Resume Template

  1. Download the free template by clicking the Secretary Resume Template link below this article. You should see a dialog box asking if you want to open or save the file. If you click “Open,” you can work on the file right away, and save it later. If you click “Save,” the file is saved directly to your computer –you’ll need to open it when you’re ready to work on it.
  2. Save the file with a new name. Doing this ensures that the original template remains unchanged. To save the file with a new name, click “Save As,” and type a new file name.
  3. Review your background and experience as you read through the template. Note ways you can use your own information in the respective sections. One thing you may find surprisingly helpful is completing the contact information at the top of the template. Doing this provides a psychological boost of getting useful information on the page.

Feel free to complete the other sections of the template in an unpolished, “get-it-all-down” fashion. In essence, you’re creating a draft that you will refine as you go. Remember to save your file often.

Tips for Using the Secretary Resume Template Word Document

  • Consider creating multiple versions of your resume. Customizing your resume for each job target increases your chances of generating interviews.
  • You may want to develop a “master” resume. This version would be a comprehensive file documenting all of your training, education, and work history in one place. Then, depending on your job target, you would customize your resume with elements of your background that best support your job target.
  • Ask someone you trust to proofread your resume. A fresh set of eyes is invaluable for spotting grammatical and formatting errors. Maybe you used terminology that is second-nature to you but unfamiliar to anyone outside your industry. Your trusted friend or relative can point this out.
  • Use a second page, if you need it. Just because the template is one page doesn’t mean that you’re limited to one page. If you do use a second page, remember to include your name!

Download: Secretary Resume Template

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