Semester Class Schedule

Semester Class Schedule

As 2015 begins, so does the new school semester. Many students take multiple classes throughout the week, so it is important to track the times and dates of each class. The Semester Class Schedule is an easy and effective way to organize the places, times, and dates of your classes.

How to use the Semester Class Schedule

The Excel template can be downloaded through the link below. The one page template is pre-populated with placeholders to help guide you. Begin by changing “Fall Semester” to “Spring Semester”. Underneath that is where you’ll adjust the timing of your schedule. Edit the Start Time to fit whenever you wake up, and change the Time Interval (in minutes) to hourly if you prefer that.

Next, go through and select the cells that correspond to the date and time of your class (you may need to use multiple cells if the class is two hours long). Enter the class name, the type (Lab, Lecture, etc) and the location. You can then color code each class using the Excel highlighting tool. Color the classes that are the same with matching colors. Once you’ve filled out your semester schedule, you’re finished!

Tips on using the Semester Class Excel Schedule

  • Print a copy of your schedule once it’s been filled and keep it with you throughout the year so you always know where and when your classes are.
  • Print an additional copy and display it in a visible area in your home/dorm. This makes it easy to quickly reference.
  • You don’t have to limit the Excel sheet to just classes. Add study group times, tutoring availability, and when your teachers allow for additional help. Also include club meetings and special school events.

Download the Semester Class Schedule


Template Courtesy of Schedule

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