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sign up sheets templates

Volunteerism is the core of human generosity. Whether you are raising money by staffing a soup kitchen or supporting the local charity with a car wash, getting and tracking volunteers are vital steps and are keys to a successful endeavor. A critical piece of this is the ability to track whether or not a specific volunteer has attended your event along with what they did there. Making this easy on the volunteer can go a long way to helping them enjoy the activity and perhaps help you again at a later time, and using a sign up sheets template makes this easier on you.

Using this freely available and customizable sign up sheets template for Microsoft Excel takes the first steps for you. It is a very easy to use template and is a snap to modify to your own needs, whether that would be adding a column or two or even your volunteer organization logo to make things even more polished and professional looking.

How to use the Sign Up Sheets Template

If desired, customize the template. Suggested items include your organization logo, address, phone number, web address, email, Twitter and Facebook links. Think about adding your organization motto here as well. These things can make the sign up sheets template more attractive to volunteers.

Second, ensure that the existing columns on the sign up sheets template are sufficient to track the information you need about your volunteers. By default, they include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Notes
  • Job/Activity

Tips for Using the Sign Up Sheets Template

  • Think about prefilling these for events for which you already know your volunteer staff. Filling them out on a computer will make things much easier when you review them later. If doing this, consider adding a signature column. Be sure to leave enough room for the attendees signature.
  • If you don’t know your volunteer list ahead of time, be sure to print out enough sheets!
  • Save old sign in sheets and see if you have repeat volunteers. These people may be good candidates for volunteer leadership positions in your organization.

Volunteering is a remarkably compassionate human endeavor. Making things easier on the volunteers makes it easier on them and encourages repeat volunteers. Using a sign up sheet allows you to make things easier for them.

sign up sheets templates

Download: Sign Up Sheets Templates

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