Simple Excel Invoice Template

Simple Excel Invoice Template

Small businesses shouldn’t have to pay for expensive third-party invoice tracking when the profit/loss margin won’t work out for them. The Simple Excel Invoice Template is perfect for small to medium businesses to track all their invoices in one easy Excel sheet that’s made for quick and simple navigation.

How to use the Excel Invoice Template

Download the template through the link below and open it into Excel. The simple one page document is made for each individual’s purchase(s). You can print multiple sheets of this template or keep track of them on your computer.

Begin by filling in your company name at the top, and then your company’s information right below. The white portion directly below is for the customer’s information. Fill this out, then move below to the part that catalogues the consumer’s purchase(s).

At the very bottom, the “Invoice Subtotal” will be filled in automatically from the data entered above. The Tax Rate and Sales Tax is dependent on your area, and then there is a space for other if there are additional charges, along with a space for an initial deposit received. The Total amount will then calculate for you and show you and consumer exactly what cost remains.

The last part that is a bit hidden is to the left of the final Total. The check portion has to have the total number of days for payment to be received, and how much consumers are subject to charge by percentage for late payments. This is legally important, so don’t forget this!

Tips on using the Excel Invoice Template

  • Print an extra copy for every transaction for the consumer. This creates trust through company transparency, and will avoid conflicts in the future. It also contains your company’s contact information for them.
  • Keep print and digital copies of each invoice for at least two years. This is for tax purposes, plus you never know when a dispute will be filed by a consumer.
  • Avoid filling out this sheet on paper rather than digitally. This can avoid any fraud or altering.

Download the Excel Invoice Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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