Simple Receipt Template

Everyone knows keeping receipts is important. Having a simple receipt template protects both the seller and buyer from future disputes around money, warranties, and date of purchase. When running a business, it is important to maintain record of all sales and transactions your business makes.

Often, it is difficult to find a template that is easy to use (or is customizable for your business needs). Using a simple receipt template will alleviate the stress of creating your own receipts. It also allows you to get back to the more important business matters associated with running a business.

How to Use the Simple Receipt Template

  • Print two part receipts. Make sure the simple receipt template is printed clearly. You can download this receipt easily, for free on this page.
  • Fill out receipt. Use left and right sides of receipt for proof of sale or goods for both seller and buyer. This template is customizable and easy-to-use, varying for each business.
  • Give the customer the left side of the receipt. Keep the right side of receipt for your future records.

Tips for Using Simple Receipt Template

  • Add contact information of both buyer and seller. This allows customers to contact you with any future questions. It also gives record if you need to reach the customer in the future. Add a personal touch of gratitude so the buyer knows you appreciate their business.
  • Be concise. Document purchased goods or items effectively. This will prevent future disputes if the seller has questions or concerns with purchased goods or services.
  • Back up all information. Keep copies of all receipts. Make electronic copies. The simple receipt template allows you to document your sales. Backing up this information is important for taxes and potential business audits.

Keeping up-to-date with transactions is important for any business. Using this simple template will protect you as the business owner, and give piece of mind when keeping record of purchases. This receipt template is customizable, and an easy way to document your sales.

Download: Simple Receipt Template

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