Social Worker Resume Template

As a social worker, you are trained to help people when they are vulnerable. To provide that help, however, you need the right position, and you need a professional resume to present yourself professionally to your future employer. This free, easy-to-use social worker resume template simplifies that task. Just click the “Download” button and get to work.

How To Use the Social Worker Resume Template

  1. At the top of your page, click on each field and replace the default text with your own name, address, phone and email. If you choose not to include any of these items, just delete the row, or add another row for other information.
  2. Proceeding down the page, fill in your own areas of specialty, education, experience, and community service activities.
  3. Customize the social worker resume template by adding additional sections or deleting parts.

Tips for Getting an Employer’s Attention with the Social Worker Resume Template

  1. Before you complete the bullet points under each previous employer, take a few minutes to brainstorm your greatest accomplishments at that company. Then list your specific measurable results as your bullet points. Remember, your audience is the manager of a business unit, so express your outcomes in business-friendly metrics whenever possible. The hiring manager will be more intrigued by “reduced average billing time by 10% through training coworkers in new billing system” than “trained in ABC system.”
  2. Choose your words carefully. Be aware of the hot buttons for each prospective employer and adjust your wording accordingly. For example, if you are experienced both in children’s mental health and in family relationship counseling, list the children’s mental health specialty first when you apply to a children’s hospital. Similarly, list the family relationship counseling first when you apply to a private practice specializing in helping children survive divorce.
  3. Save your original as a Word document, and save a copy as a PDF. When you apply online to a prospective employer or a job search company, upload the PDF. Sometimes when a person opens a Word document on a different computer, the text format changes. Sending a PDF whenever possible eliminates this potentially frustrating problem.

Congratulations on your education and accomplishments as a skilled social worker. Now use this free social worker resume template to get the perfect job.

Download: Social Worker Resume Template

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