Sports Roster and Schedule Template

Being involved in a sport is good for your body as well as for your mind. There’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline resulting from the thrill of competition.  Sports can bring like-minded groups of people together like no another activity can.  If you want to build a league or team of your very own, using the Excel Sports Roster and Schedule Template is the way to go. It’s entirely possible to manage an entire league just by using this simple sports schedule template. You’ll be in awe when you realize that not many sports templates have this type of capability.

Using the Sports Roster and Schedule Template

Heading a sports team or even a league can be done in an instant by using the Sports Roster and Schedule Template. The template is made for all kinds of Excel users, even novices. Start your league and get a copy of the roster template in this article.

The template will have three tabs available for customization: Team Roster, League Schedule, and League Team List. Start out by filling the information in on the Team Roster sheet. Add each individual team member one by one and be sure to enter their name, position, email and phone.

You can input every game for every team in the League Schedule tab. Even if it’s not your team, you can still keep track of what team is playing and information about when the game is taking place. League managers can keep track of what teams are playing by inputting where and when the game is at.

In the league team list sheet, information about every team in your league can easily be recorded. Details that can be entered include team name, contact, email, phone and numbers of wins.

A fun aspect about the sports roster and schedule is that you can customize it entirely to fit your homegrown league or team. Change the background colors to match the colors of your team, or even go ahead and add a team logo. The possibilities for customizing this sports schedule template are almost endless.

Download: Sports Roster and Schedule Template



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