Spring Cleaning Complete Checklist

The Spring Cleaning Complete Checklist is the perfect tool for anyone looking to organize their spring cleaning schedule. This cleaning sheet is convenient because it allows you to list chores and whose job it is to perform them on a daily basis. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below. This sheet will allow you to enter all the items you need finished for spring cleaning and assign a family member to each task. You can also list the dates to ensure it gets done. Don’t waste another second trying to coordinate tasks, download this free template today.

Spring Cleaning Complete Checklist

You will start by entering the required information at the top of your screen. This will be the name of your family, spouse, and the names of all your children. This will make it easier to organize your document.

In the “Week-Wise” columns of the template lists the days of the week and the date of a task that needs to be completed. Then you will list the chore that will be performed on that specific date.

Now, you can copy and paste the names of your family members into the appropriate spots under the “To be done by” column to indicate that they will be cleaning that item.
Finally, you can leave a note for your family if you have any relevant information you want to leave them with a specific task as well.

Once you have everything completed for your spring cleaning list go ahead and print a copy for each of your family members. To print the sheet just click File then Print at the top of your screen. You can also just hang a copy on your refrigerator for the whole family to see.

With everyone pitching in, you’ll finish your spring cleaning in no time.

Download: Spring Cleaning Complete Checklist

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