Statement of Account Template

Statement of Account Template

For small and medium sized businesses, paying for an expensive program to automate account balance and billing for company costs may not be worth it.  The Statement of Account Template for Excel is a simple one page document that you can use to track the recurring charges for your company.

How to use the Statement of Account Template

Using the link below, download the template and open it in Excel. The one page document is organized for easy reading and updating. Begin with the basics by entering your Company’s information in the top left corner, and the dates the statement applies to on the right side.

Below “Statement of Account”, fill in the place holders in the brackets with the correct information. Under the blue cell line is where the statement information is inputted. Enter the date, a short description of the company owed, their charge amount, and any credits that go toward that company.

On the far right side column, the total Account Balance will be calculated for you. You’re finished!

Tips on using the Statement of Account Excel Template

  • Use this Excel document monthly, quarterly, or whatever fits your budgeting best.
  • Update the template as the numbers come in. Delaying entries can lead to missed charges and then extra costs.
  • Keep printed copies of recent statements to track them and make sure nothing is out of place or entered incorrectly.

Download the Statement of Account Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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