Stock Investment Tracker

The Stock Investment Tracker

The markets are experiencing unprecedented gains, and it is always advisable to have a system at home to highlight the performance of investments that is as detailed as what a brokerage would have. This fully customizable stock investment tracker is a great way to monitor profits and losses of individual stocks from initial purchase price, to whatever heights they may achieve. Paperless tracking of your stock performance has never been this automated and easy to use.

All Investors Need Personal Stock Investment Tracker Charts

In the past, open ledgers were the way private stock investors kept track of their stock’s performance. Now, with this detailed and completely free download, anyone can enter daily information about stocks and receive immediate accurate calculations. There is no need to sign up with any investment entity or brokerage. Just perform a quick download and immediately gain the ability to chart and track your investment.

This is also the perfect program to teach future investors about how to monitor the markets. Using daily reporting, people can practice long-term strategies and evaluation using this platform. Any data recorded is immediately factored into value-based totals that the private investor, or investment novice, can use to gain knowledge about tracking stocks.

This free stock investment tracker is as easy to use as any other automatic spreadsheet. Simply use the tab button to jump from one field to the next while entering important information. There are columns and fields for all types of information from account numbers and stock investment tracker symbols, to precise percentage gains and losses.

This tracker is completely customizable to an individual’s information preferences. Simply delete or rename columns using standard word processing options. As an investor learns to record information about a preferred stock, he or she will also learn how this convenient stock investment tracker calculates totals and displays valuations. Some of the best features of this tracker include:

  • Full Excel integration
  • Currency and percentage analysis
  • Virtually endless columns
  • Color coding of fields, profits and loses
  • Data recording to decimal one-thousandths
  • Visual accuracy aided by columnar shading

Download: Stock Investment Tracker

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