Streamlined Expense Template

Are you starting a new business or in charge of managing the budget for the company? If so, there is a great Streamlined Expense Template which was created by Microsoft and is available for download on this page by simply selecting the download button. The best part it is absolutely free and no cost to you whatsoever. Once you download the file all you have to do is open it up in Microsoft Excel (Windows or Macintosh) and follow the prompts from there.

Using the Streamlines Expense Template from Microsoft

Of course the first thing you will do when opening your Streamlined Expense Template is place your business name and logo if you wish to do so. The template is easily customizable to make any changes or additions that you might need. The list does come populated with the basic company needs. The first sheet titled Planned Expenses includes the following information for each month of the year:

  • Employee Costs (including Employee Wages, Employee benefits and Employee training)
  • Office Costs (including Office lease, Office utilities and office supplies)
  • Marketing Costs (including Web site costs, Collateral costs and Marketing events)

From that list it will give you both the month planned expenses total and the total planned Expenses to help develop a budget goal for your office.

The second sheet on the Streamlined Expense Template includes the same list, but this is where the actual figures of the dollar amounts spent get put in. That way you can compare the goal and the actual amount spent do determine a better financial budget for the following year.

The third sheet on the Streamlined Expense Template is the expense variations do make a decision at a quick glance where some money can be saved, moved, increased or decreased to make better business decisions.

The fifth sheet on the Streamlined Expense Template breaks down the actual expenses and provides this information to not only see the actual figures but given a chart to quickly see where the money is being spent in a visual method by pie graph. This helps develop a quick plan of action especially when it comes to creating a new budget for the following year in where money could potentially be saved.

The final sheet in the Streamlined Expense Template is the Total Expenses. This is similar to the previous sheet but broken down month by month so you can see a little more in depth visual representation of money being spent month by month. So download the template and see how it can help with your business expenses today.

Download: Streamlined Expense Template

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