Student Behavior Sheet Template

Student Behavior Sheet Template

This customizable Excel template for teachers of grades k-6 is a great way to track a student’s behavior and have them learn to demonstrate proper class choices each day. The Student Behavior Sheet Template is an effective, printable page for all primary grade teachers to use.

How to use the Student Behavior Sheet Template

Download the Excel sheet using the link below and open up the page. At the top is room for the student’s name and a space to write in the week’s date. If you want, click the cell that contains the text “Point Sheet” and add your name or school name.

Beneath the week’s date is a list of classes for the student. You can adjust this to fit your classroom, such as changing the class names to hourly or portioned times. From there is five days’ worth of rows for four areas of behavior. These can be changed but they are made to be generic and cover everything from talking at appropriate times to following instructions. The final line is where the teacher, or teachers, will initial the points.

Use this template by printing each student a copy and having them enter in their points during the appropriate times. You can use a Pass/Fail point system (1 for good, 0 for not done), a one through five scale, or a star drawing in the boxes that are passing. Use whatever system fits with your classroom.

Tips on using the Student Behavior Sheet Template

  • Have each student total up their points each day. In higher grades, you can have students set goal points for the week.
  • The template is in full text, so you can change any of the wordings to fit your classroom. You can also eliminate rows or columns if there are too many.
  • At the bottom is a Parent Signature spot. You can delete this, have parents sign the sheets weekly, or use it only if a student has a bad week.

Download the Student Behavior Sheet Template

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