Student Flyer Template

Free Student Flyer Template


School activities are a great way to meet people! You can find other students who share your interests and enhance your skills. Use our student flyer template to make a quick advertisement for other students to join in on the fun. Extracurricular activities look great on resumes and may help you get a scholarship later. Why waste your effort trying to create a flyer from scratch? Save your valuable time for activities you want to participate in!

You could use the template for dances, prom, club meetings, Debate Team, fundraisers, Math Club, study groups, student activities, Greeks, team try outs, pep rallies, team practice, Spring Break, Senior Trips, PTO Events and so much more! Our student flyer template is easy to customize for any occasion. Best of all, it is free.

How to Use the Student Flyer Template

  • Just download and customize with your activity name, time and place.
  • Free blank student flyer template is ready to edit.
  • Use space provided to clearly define the student groups purpose.
  • The stylish design is ready to use and can be accessed on this page.
  • Add team logos and colors.
  • For the next pep rally, insert a cheer on the flyer for your favorite team, “Move That Ball!”
  • Include an entertainment schedule, food, and prizes if available.
  • Edit the font on the student template flyer to include your Greek letters.

Tips on Using the Student Flyer Template

  • Make an impression with professional looking flyers during your next class presentation.
  • Use the template to create a campaign for the class president.
  • The template can be used for multiple flyers throughout your academic career.
  • Flyers also can be used to support a charity event for your service club.
  • Employ flyers across campus and around town to ensure more participation.
  • The student flyer template will help advertise the class fundraiser.
  • Be sure to save the file and print all the copies you need.
  • Using student flyer templates saves your student group money.

Download: Student Flyer Template

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