Student Identification Card Template

The Student Identification Card Template

Many schools distribute identification cards to their students. They assist with positively identifying the student, providing the school phone number, and even have contact information in case of an emergency listed. With the Student Identification Card Template, you will be able to print clear and effective student identification cards to issue throughout your school.

How to Use the Student Identification Card Template

  • First, after you’ve downloaded the free template right on this page, begin to add your students information.
  • Second, fill in all of the information necessary, along with the ID picture for each student.
  • Third, print the photo ID, which can be done on card stock and is standard business card size, and distribute them to your students. Remember to have it signed.

Tips for Using the Student Identification Card Template

  • After you have the template downloaded, add all of your general school information that would be universal for every student, then save it. This will save you time since you will only have to add student specific information to each card.
  • If you want to add a personal touch, theme the font and colors to fit your school. You could even add your school logo as a background. The Student Identification Card Template can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Try to maintain a high standard of accuracy when it comes to the information presented on the card. This will create a more beneficial ID system.

If you want personal ID cards for your students, and you want them to be direct, efficient, and effective, try our Student Identification Card Template. It is straightforward to use and easy to customize, with a classic and concise design. It’s available to download for free, right here, at

Download: Student Identification Card Template

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