Student Weekly Schedule

The biggest mistake that most students make, that cause them to fail in school, is lacking a clear means to organize their schedule. It happens all the time. You have a test in a week, you put it off until the last few days and in that time you forget about it. Maybe you’re lucky enough to remember the night before and get some studying in but that won’t get you an A. The easiest way to stay organized is to use the Student Weekly Schedule. This template offers you a way to write down all your plans and schedule every major aspect of your school life. Best of all, it comes at the price all students love, free. Simply download the free file below and start organizing your school work.

How to Use the Student Weekly Schedule

Alright, let’s take a look at your schedule for the week. Starting your day on Monday, you have a study group session, breakfast, and English class on your list. Obviously, some parts of your schedule are going to take priority over other parts. The Student Weekly Schedule allows you to enter varying levels of importance to each task. Maybe breakfast is extremely important to you and you want to make your schedule reflect that.

After you enter a new item into your template you’ll notice you can also place a corresponding priority color next to it. This color will indicate that that item is either of low, medium, or high importance.

Now you can decide that your group meeting is a yellow and your breakfast and English class is a red (high importance). All you need to do is enter your item, then click inside the small cell next to it and fill it in using the bucket tool at the top. Make sure to sue the appropriate color to go with your task.

So your schedule may not look exactly like this, not everyone loves breakfast that much, but you can change the Weekly Schedule template to fit around your schedule. To change any of the pre-written examples, simply click the cell and write new items.

Give your schedule your own unique personality and highlight the things that are important to you, using the Student Weekly Schedule.

Download: Student Weekly Schedule

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