Summer Event Flyer

Summer is the perfect time for gatherings. The warm weather and accessibility to the outdoors make it fun and easy to schedule parties and get-togethers in parks and next to swimming pools and on golf courses. But summer is also a time when people are on the move: going on vacations, skipping church services and foregoing PTA meetings. If you plan on having a summer get-together, a specially printed summer event flyer can go a long way in helping to advertise the event around all of the activities that occur during the warmest part of the year. The Summer Event Flyer template found on this page is designed specifically with this in mind.

Brightly colored and designed to cater to summer-specific events, this Microsoft Publisher template is designed to make creating a flyer fast and easy and extremely customizable, all without all the hassle of having to create your document from scratch. It’s virtually effortless to download and absolutely free.

How to Use the Summer Event Flyer Template

  • Download the file by clicking on the link provided. Once the file has finished downloading, simply open it. It should open automatically in Microsoft Publisher.
  • The template contains a number of designated spots for relevant information, including times, dates, and a description of the intended gathering. Simply replace the generically labeled spaces with the information specific to your get-together.
  • Publisher has a number of exceptional features; experiment with them! Try different fonts, font sizes, and colors until you get the exact look that you want. Even text can be moved around if you’d rather emphasize the information in a different way.

Tips for Using the Summer Event Flyer Template

  • Make sure that all information entered is clear and concise. It can be helpful to have notes written up beforehand. Always second-check your dates, locations and other pertinent information before you print out 200 flyers.
  • Printing large numbers of colored documents takes a great deal of ink and can cost an exorbitant amount of money. If you have more than just a few flyers to print, think about transferring your finished file to a thumb drive and taking it to a professional printer. This can save you money and the flyers will often look better than anything you could print in the office.
  • Place flyers in frequently used communal spaces and other obvious places so that they garner the most attention. If you have the budget and you think that it would be useful, it can also be helpful to make flyers available for people to take home at the end of their work day or church service.

The Summer Event Flyer template makes creating an announcement and/or invitation to your summer event fast, easy, and eye-catching. With the help of this template, you might even save yourself enough time to go out and catch a little sun yourself.

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