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Free Syllabus Template

As any knowledgeable and experienced educator will stress, the preparation for next year’s courses begins long before the first class commences. Between summer reading lists, planning homework assignments and organizing lectures, the process of optimizing a class for success can be a somewhat challenging feat. However, with help of the FREE Syllabus Template for Word from, instructors can map their coursework planning effectively with an easy-to-use, simple vehicle. Free Syllabus Template

Primary Benefits to Using the Free Class Syllabus Template for Microsoft Word

  • Oftentimes, the major challenge to mapping a future class schedule is not the actual content of a course – it’s the organization. With the Syllabus Template from Microsoft Word, instructors can plug in all their necessary coursework info into specific, designated areas on the document.
  • The Syllabus Template for Word is 100% FREE. Don’t be hastily fooled by so-called education “experts” touting their latest syllabus templates at a sky-high price. The Syllabus Template from is readily downloadable and completely free of charge.
  • The Syllabus Template is able to be duplicated numerous times. The syllabus is contained within a Microsoft Word format, allowing instructors the ability to make duplicate copies with a high-resolution printer.

Organizing the Optimal Course Syllabus Template for Your Classroom Success

The syllabus is arguably the most important document that defines a class, as it will provide the structure and skeleton for any organized course. While creating a syllabus is a necessary component to any course, it can’t be completed blindly.

  • Hone in on your key goals for the semester or year. These goals will provide a basic framework for the direction you will take your lectures, assignments and reading materials.
  • Set deadlines for those goals with the Syllabus Template. Compile a list of definitive deadlines for completing major tasks and assignments. This will give your class a sense of direction when heading into the coursework.
  • Make the syllabus easily readable, but keep a more complex version to yourself. The Syllabus Template will provide a framework for each individual assignment for the upcoming semester, not a detailed description of it. Make sure you save some of the more intricate details to be revealed later in the duration of the semester or year.

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Download: Syllabus Template

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