Tactical Marketing Plan Template

Marketing a product properly is essential for the success of any business. But, marketing doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned and carried out. Your strategic business plan is the catalyst that drives you toward action and a tactical marketing plan template will allow you to breakdown the steps that you will take towards achieving your business goals. Each carefully planned action will have a space on the tactical marketing plan template to state the goal, identify how that goal will be reached, determine a working time frame for completion of the task and how much it will cost to execute the plan.

How to Use the Tactical Marketing Plan Template

This template is free to download and completely customizable to your company’s individual project needs. The easy-to-use tactical marketing plan template allows you to enter your project requirements, list the tasks and log who is responsible for the oversight of each task. On the template there is an area for listing the budgeted expense of each task, the timeline of events and completed tasks, color coded status update on each task along with relevant comments concerning the coded status.

In the lower portion of the section for each determined goal there is an area that is used to summarize the result of the completed tactical marketing process. This area on the template helps to provide the marketing team with detailed feedback of the tactical marketing process for that determined goal.

Tips For Using the Tactical Marketing Plan Template

  • Use it to highlight budgeting details for each tactical task by month or over the length of the project.
  • Use the tactical marketing plan template to brief senior management on how a project is progressing. All of the pertinent information is there on one sheet in an easy to read outline.
  • Use the tactical marketing template to document progress with social media marketing campaigns. Just because social media is a less expensive way of advertising does not mean that it should be left off of the tactical marketing plan.

Download: Tactical Marketing Plan Template

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