Team To-Do List Template

To accomplish any major goal or task, a team must be assembled that can achieve any and all goals that have been set. Organization is the key element in achieving all objectives and meeting every single deadline. It’s a well-known fact that tasks for projects can be divided evenly among individuals to get things done more quickly. A best practice to keep in mind for all parties involved is to keep tabs on what gets done as it will help to properly manage future tasks.

By using the Team To-Do List template, you can manage what goals you have met and what needs to be done with one easy to use spreadsheet. You’ll be assured that your team’s tasks won’t get lost in the shuffle with the Team To-Do list.

Using the Team To-Do List Template

After the coordinating and completion of tasks have been done and what’s on deck, you’ll need a place to record these things. The Team To-Do list template can make this a quick and painless process.

  • Use Microsoft Excel to open the template. See that there are four columns that will store all your task results. These columns are number, activity, completed by, and timestamp.
  • The numbers column is self-explanatory. In the activity column, write a short description of what was accomplished. Take heed of the default placeholder text to know how to write descriptions for this column in the future.
  • The next column is purely for a record of the person that completed said task or activity. Include a list of names or one single name. This record will make it able for the person who completed the activity to field any questions from other team members.
  • Lastly, the timestamp column lists when a task was accomplished. Most people list date and time, but you can format the date any way you wish.

The great part about Team To-Do List template is just that – it’s a template and can be edited in a jiff. If need be, add more columns to the sheet to gather more information.

Download: Team To-Do List Template

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