Team Travel Budget Template

Planning a trip for employees can be an extremely enriching and beneficial experience for everyone involved. The trouble comes in organizing the event and creating a budget see you can afford all the associated costs that come with your trip. The Team Travel Budget Template has everything you need to do just that. You can finally have the company trip you’ve been dreaming about. It doesn’t matter if you want to go on a team building camping trip or you simply want to show your appreciation to the team with a night on the town. This template will help you plan and save for any event you can think up.

How to use the Team Travel Budget Template

After you have successfully downloaded the template by clicking on the link below, you can start to customize the Budget Template to suit your company’s needs.

Now, go through and enter all the possible and most likely expenses that will be needed for your trip. There are plenty of examples to get you started but you can easily change these to whatever you need.

After you have entered an item into your expenses column, you will include a brief description, the quantity of that item, and the cost. The Budget Template will automatically calculate the total for that expense from the cost and the quantity.

When you have finished entering your expenses, it’s time to add your income types at the bottom of the page. The Budget Template comes with a few examples of this as well but you can change these also.

In the same way, you entered your expenses, you’ll do the same for your incomes types. These can include anything from a department budget to sales or fundraisers your team has been throwing. The template will calculate the totals for each of these income types and come that with your total expenses to give you a comprehensive account of your budget.

With this template, you will easily track and manage your expenses and income to plan for a successful company trip.

Download: Team Travel Budget Template

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