Tidy House Schedule

The Tidy House Schedule is the best way to keep your home clean, not just for the day but throughout the entire year. This simple template is structured to fit around your lifestyle. Most cleaning checklists will only provide you with a list of items that you check off once you complete them. This template lets you enter certain tasks for certain days. This way, you will easily plan a week’s worth of chores and compartmentalize it throughout that week. Now, you can save time and energy by downloading the free template today.

Tidy House Schedule Instructions

To download the free template to your computer simply click the link located at the bottom of this page.

The document lists out the next 4 weeks of your cleaning schedule. Start in “Week 1” by going through this column and changing the items to tasks you need to perform on a daily basis.
To change any of the pre-written items simply click the cell you want to edit and start typing something new. It’s that easy.

Now you will move through the rest of the week and plan out your cleaning schedule, in the same way, you did in “Week 1”. You can also wait and enter your chores on a weekly basis if you don’t want to plan that far ahead.

There is also a space provided at the bottom of the page where you can list reminders for yourself in case you entered another item besides cleaning in any of the weeks. For example, if you enter a gym visit in one of the weeks you will check the box next to “Exercise” to remind yourself that you have that planned.

Now you can make sure everything on your schedule is accounted for and completed. Just download the free Tidy House Schedule template today.

Download: House Cleaning Checklist

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