Timeline Graph Template

The Timeline Graph Template is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to follow through on a goal. This is perfect for any business owner that wants to implement strategies that will help take their company to the next level. By analyzing the plans that you lay out in this template you can actually work out the best possible way to achieve any goal you have in mind. Whether you want to start increasing traffic to your store or simply taking your business to the digital age with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, this template will help you lay the foundations for a solid business plan.

Timeline Graph Template Instructions

The first step is to download the free template by clicking the link located at the bottom of this page on our site.

Once you have the document, you can begin editing the information to fit your specific plan. First, take a look at the information in the table at the top of the template page.

Everything you need to enter is inside this table. The first item you will need to enter is the title of the event, name, or task of your goal. You can break down your overall goal and make them into more easily accomplished tasks for convenience.

You will also list the start and end dates of your task. The example gives you the course planning schedule of history lessons for a teacher. However, you can easily change these by clicking inside a cell and typing new information.

This way, you can use the timeline to plan out each task of your end goal making the journey a simple step-by-step process.

When you have finished entering all your tasks and the required information along with them, you can scroll down to the final graph to receive a comprehensive visual of your project timeline.
Make this year your own by downloading the free timeline template today.

Download: Timeline Graph Template

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