Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

Though most of the world does not utilize the “tipping” system in customer service roles, the United States does and therefore the people living in it are subject to understanding how to add 15% of a charge to the total bill amount. Sound confusing? That’s because its math. The Tip Calculator will do the math for you and give you both the tip amount and the total bill amount with taxes.

How to use the Excel Tip Calculator

Download the one page Excel sheet using the link below. There are four fields available, but you only need to fill in two. Enter the check amount that includes taxes, and then put in the percentage that you would like to tip. Generally good service for a small sized group warrants a 15% tip, however this can be adjusted according to group size and service received.

Once you have entered that information, the “Tip Amount” box will automatically show you how much the tip is, and from there the “Total Amount” will be shown to include the original bill plus tip.

Tips on using the Tip Calculator

  • Use this calculator before going out to have a better idea of how much cash you should bring. Not tipping in the service industry is generally frowned upon, so it is important to ensure you can pay for both the service and the tip.
  • Many restaurants automatically add a tip to the bill for large parties of people (6+), though this is usually just an 8% addition. You can take the total bill and add an extra 7% (or other) to add additional tips to the bill for larger groups.
  • People working in the service industry can utilize this to estimate what they will earn. If you generally know the bill amount and tip amount plus the number of tables you will have on a given shift, you can use this to create a guess of how much you will make.

Download the Tip Calculator

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