Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Microsoft's Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

When you are looking to buy a new equipment for the office you may want to be able to compare two different varieties you are looking at. Office essentials are expensive for a variety of reasons and there are many different ways to portray the cost. The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator combines all the costs of the two models you are looking at to give you the total cost and allows you make an apples to apples comparison.

How to Use the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Using the total cost of ownership calculator is really simple. There are two charts on the first page that you enter data into. The first chart takes the assumptions which include things like purchase price, power consummation, and life expectancy. You would enter each of those factors for both products. The other chart is the Indirect costs chart, which you can think of as the costs that are going to stay the same no matter what product you use. These include everything from office hours to the cost of electricity.

After you have inputted all of this data in the charts, the chart on the top of the first page will output all of the costs totaled up. The chart even compares the costs so you can see how much you are saving by going with one model over another. The next page displays this information in graph form so that you can see visually how much money you are saving. This calculator is completely customizable and is totally free. The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator is a great tool for any small business.

Tips for Using the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

  • You can use this calculator for almost anything; all you have to do is customize the calculator to fit the needs of your comparison.
  • Be sure to use this calculator to make the actual purchasing decisions, spending time working with this calculator does you no good if you don’t use the information you have gathered.
  • Keep track of the costs of each good regularly that way you can input things quickly.

Download: Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

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