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For information technology businesses, performing a thorough cost of ownership analysis is crucial.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) modeling, in its most basic sense, is the total cost to acquire and own a particular asset over the duration of its working lifetime. These kinds of costs or both direct and indirect, as well as planned and unplanned. Because at its very core of financial modeling, the total cost of ownership is a future projection, one can can change on a whim, and one that requires continuous tending and altering.

And with the Total Cost of Ownership calculator from, business owners and employees can house, track and map ownership data for particular assets, and all from an extensive, easy-to-use Excel interface.

How to Use the Total Cost of Ownership CalculatorTotal Cost of Ownership from

  1. The calculator contains areas for the recording, tracking and planning of four individual products. Be sure to include descriptive info of each, including designated names, instructions, product feature, alternative service life of equipment, and end of life management criteria.
  2. Configure the complete cost of data in the purple cells. The Total Cost of Ownership spreadsheet is organized into four specific categories: general info, operations, disposition and management. Be sure to fill in the mandatory data fields as well, which include electricity costs and equipment purchasing costs.
  3. Find the bottom of the Excel sheet for total cost figures. The results are displayed as the complete cost over the duration of a product’s life, as well as the complete cost of purchase.
And although the Total Cost of Ownership calculator is specific to the IT sector, it can be interchanged and manipulated through Excel to fit your individual business needs.

TCO Template Terms Worth Defining

  • Annual Unit Energy Consumption – how much energy an asset will require for maintenance over the duration of one year.
  • Total Cost per Unit over Service Life – the total amassed cost for a business to manage and maintain a particular asset over its lifetime.
  • Total Annualized Cost per Unit – the total amassed cost for a business to manage and maintain a particular asset over the period of one year.

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