Training Needs Assessment

Free Training Needs Assessment Template

The Training Needs Assessment is a tool used by management to evaluate the level of experience, knowledge and education that an employee has to perform his/her duties effectively. This measures what skills the employee possesses, how they go about conducting their tasks, how long to complete their task, what tools are necessary to perform the tasks, if they require additional training, and a review of their overall performance.

This Training Needs Assessment template gives an employee a clear understanding of how valuable of an asset they are to their employer, giving them insight to the acceptable rules of conduct expected by management. You can get the training needs assessment template for free on this page. Continue reading below to learn more about how to use the template and how it can benefit you!

How to Use the Training Needs Assessment Template

  • First, met with the employee to ascertain his/her level of understanding what is known to perform their duties.
  • Second, explain the requirements needed to perform the duties effectively.
  • Third, complete an evaluation highlighting the good points and pointing out need for improvement, if any.
  • Fourth, agree to met periodically to measure any significant progress or problems encountered following the evaluation.
  • Fifth, explain to them that there is an appeal process if they disagree with the evaluation.

Tips for Using the Training Needs Assessment Template

  • First, be professional in your assessment of another individual.
  • Second, allow input by the individual to add cohesiveness to the process
  • Third, reinforce the company/employer’s goals and expectations.
  • Be honest. Be fair.

Remember that this assessment is only accurate when used in the correct manner. Any abuse and/or misuse of this process by either party can lead to further disciplinary being taken, including suspension and/or termination. You can download the training needs assessment template absolutely free. Simply click on the download link to get started today!

Download: Training Needs Assessment

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